Bruns Construction Enterprises, founded in 1951 by Robert Bruns, is now a third generation associate owned enterprise and a shared vision between seven brothers and one sister, along with many of their children. Starting out as a residential company digging basements, the Bruns Family of businesses has grown and adapted through the years into the world-class organization that it is today. Despite these exciting changes, the core values of hard work ethic, honesty, and quality craftsmanship have stood the test of time.

Small Beginnings . . .

1951R.E.B.Construction is founded by Robert Bruns as a single employee business.  The business is operated out of his home doing odd jobs with his car and one-wheel trailer.

1952 Jack Bruns joins as a partner. A carpenter is added to make a three man team. R.E.B. Construction begins building new homes and pouring residential basements.

1956 2 acres of land is purchased in Cranberry Prairie where the original office and workshop is built. This is the same office where BBD and OIR still operate out of today.

1958 Company expands to 8 employees and starts a development in St.Henry. First home is 1400 sq. ft. and sold for $14.5K including lot.

1979Rockford Lumber is purchased, putting Bruns in the retail side of construction. The company is renamed RCS Construction in 1998 and moves to its current location.

1982Bruns General Contracting is established in Troy to grow the company and better serve the Miami Valley region. In 1999, they move to their present office location in Tipp City.

1990 Bruns Building and Supply (formerly R.E.B. Construction) becomes Bruns Building and Development.

1996Ohio and Indiana Roofing in St. Henry is added to further expand the services offered by the business.

2002AGCO facility is purchased in Coldwater,OH where the Sycamore Group and Wright Way Electric are located. The facility is over 1,000,000 sq. ft. under roof in total.

2005Health Care Products is established as a manufacturing company located in Coldwater OH.

2007Troy Business Park Facility is purchased. Ohio and Indiana Roofing South is established in Springfield.

2008A big year of expansion as Bruns Realty Group, Homes by Bruns and Performance Concrete are all established.

2013Bruns Construction Enterprises is established with five operating companies. Combined with Divisions and LLCS, over 300 associates employed throughout the company. Fire Pie Oven Company is established.

2016Bruns Roofing is established in Phoenix, Arizona.


. . . Growth to Many

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